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Submitted on
March 3


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Contest #2

Mon Mar 3, 2014, 10:21 PM
EDIT 04/25/2014: One more week and the contest is over! ^^
:bulletred::bulletred: If you think you need more time, leave a comment asking for it and I will change the deadline (May 2) to another day. :D

* No bases or recolors, the drawing must be 100% made by you.
* It can be digital or traditional. If you draw it traditional, try to make it look as clear as possible.
* Must be full color. It can have a simple background or a detailed background, you decide.
* Only one entry per person. If you already submitted an entry and you want to do another one, you can change the already submitted entry for the new one.
* Be creative.

You must draw one (or more) of my Fan Characters (Check them below). This time the theme of the drawing is by your choice (Let your imagination flow! :D), just be sure to draw them with their correct personality. You can see more information below.

.: Kuroi The Hedgehog :. by BloomPhantom     .: Kanashi The Hedgehog :. by BloomPhantom
Kuroi The Hedgehog / Kanashi The Hedgehog
Age: 16
Power: Darkness/Black Spells
Family: Somber The Hedgehog (Brother).
Personality: Kuroi is a shy, innocent and naïve hedgehog, but really friendly with everyone. In her free time she tries to learn new spells to control her powers. Loves to sing, spend time with her friends or with her boyfriend. She always wants to hug everything that she considers cute. Kanashi is her dark side. She is sadistic, sarcastic and with bad temperament, with a big desire to hurt or even to kill everyone around.

.: Nirei The Rabbit :. by BloomPhantom
Nirei The Rabbit.
Age: 17
Power: Illusions
Personality: She is a strong, self-confident girl that loves going to adventures, exploring all kind of places, but also likes shopping! Coming from a rich family, she decided to leave her parents just to have a more interesting and exiting life with her friends.

.: Somber The Hedgehog :. by BloomPhantom
Somber The Hedgehog.
Age: 18
Power: Mimic (Ability to copy others powers for a few minutes)
Family: Kuroi The Hedgehog (Sister), Nirei the Rabbit (Girlfriend)
Personality: A self-confident, careless and pervert hedgehog. He works as a cop. Displays a strong character, but he is actually sensible. Sometimes he may look like an idiot, but he really cares about his friends, at the point that he can be overprotective.

.: Nin The Demon :. by BloomPhantom
Ningyo "Nin" The Hedgehog/Demon
Age: ???
Power: Black Spells
Personality: A self-confident demon. Likes to flirt with all the boys just for fun. She always tries to get what she wants at any cost. She can be sometimes immature and also is easily angered. Likes to fight, destroy things and even kill people, but there are sometimes when she tries to help others, but of course, there must be recompense or if it is for her own benefit. She has the ability to turn into a human doll.


1st place:
500 :points:
1 full body/full color (without background) drawing

2nd place
300 :points:
1 sketch

3rd place
100 :points:

Deadline: May 2, 2014


1. :icon03j-sparks: Sonic FC- A Perfect Day (Contest Entry) by 03J-SPARKS
2. xXSonAmyFanXx
3. :iconlovegamer22: Sunset by lovegamer22
4. :iconoorockinroseoo: Let it ROCK~! .:CE:. by oORockinRoseOo
5. firathecat
6. Imagination-Spirit
7. D4V1N5
8. :iconjustsmilewithme: .:: contest entry ::. two sides of the same coin by JustSmileWithMe
9. :iconeveart13: kuroi by Eveart13
10. :icontuleily: Contest bloom by Tuleily
11. :iconlunarlay: <da:thumb id="439072187"/>
12. :iconcute-hedgehog: Tea morning by Cute-Hedgehog
13. scifiEnchantress
14. :iconiristaandarts: Spells by iristaandarts
15. Sayonara------Shadow
16. Noble-Maiden
17. :icongolden-tiger-54: CE: Kuroi the Hedgehog by Golden-Tiger-54
18. Weird-Panda
19. CallMeLindi
20. agentshadowlin
21. :iconi-g-imagination:Contest Entry - Kuroi The Hedgehog - BloomPhantom by I-G-imagination
22. :iconraybuggybug: contest entry by Raybuggybug
23. :iconmrxumxum: Kanashi and her reflection by Mrxumxum
24. :iconespiogirl15: Contest Entry for BloomPhantom by EspioGirl15
25. :iconshadidiasailormufin: BloomPhantom's Contest Entry by shadidiasailormufin
26. :iconmiracle0hedgewolf225: Good and Bad by miracle0hedgewolf225
27. SnowDife
28. :iconrochele10: hedgehog  and  rabbit by rochele10
29. :iconmrdark3896: Sonic Advance 3 Boss - Kanashi [Contest] by MrDark3896
30. DaintyKitty
31. :iconalexis-dulce91: CE: Bloomphantom by Alexis-Dulce91
32. :iconbrownandpurpleblur1: .:Contest:. - Reverse Reflection by BrownandPurpleBlur1
33. :iconalessiath: kuroi TH - contest entry by AlessiaTH
34. :iconicequeen678: Kuroi the hedgehog- contest entry for BloomPhantom by Icequeen678
35. GothicSnowflake
36. :iconthelovetodraw: Contest  Bloomphantom Redo by TheLovetoDraw
37. :iconcristal-sama: Demon with a Shotgun by Cristal-Sama
38. BrownHedgehogLover
39. xBobbyTHx
40. Nightshade-warroir
41. Job-Azumi
42. :iconfanithegolffox: The darkness in me by Fanithegolffox
43. :iconzero-santh: .:CE:. Ningyo Nin The Hedgehog Demon by Zero-sanTH
44. NayeliTheAngelFox360
46. SunTheHedgehog13
47. IchigoMurasaki
48. :iconmistrissthehedgehog: Somber and Kuroi   -Brother and Sister-  .:Entry:. by MistrissTheHedgehog
49. pandalana
50. CleverFox101
51. :iconsiinnack: BloomPhantom's Contest Entre: Girl Power by Siinnack
52. :iconchibiheart333: Nin the demond hedgehog (concurso) by chibiheart333
53. CleverFox101
54. EnigmaBalderdash99
55. :iconhhneuah: Nirei The Rabbit by hhneuah
56. :iconzeromythos5: Somber The Hedgehog has a shot gun by zeromythos5
57. RebyFanCXD
58. LovelySisters
59. :icondigital-papercut: [CE] Sunset Waiting by Digital-Papercut
60. :iconkirablue32343: CE for BloomPhantom by KiraBlue32343
61. :iconameliechaoshedgehog: .:CONTEST:. A Nice Walk / Who's Next? by AmelieChaosHedgehog
62. Hollsterweelskitty
63. SonicX-LF

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lovegamer22 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Didn't you get my contest pic yet?
EspioGirl15 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is the contest over yet?
BloomPhantom Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Until midnight :)
EspioGirl15 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, I see. So you'll post the results sometime tomorrow then?
KiraBlue32343 Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist Done! I hope you like it! ^^
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Officially DONE!!! :la:…

:heart: it totally :meow:

MistrissTheHedgehog Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Did it! :dummy: mistrissthehedgehog.deviantart…
I totally forgot about it but good thing I did it in time ^^;
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puedo participar? bueno solo si aun se puede claro
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